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Cameron Dunlap


Cameron Dunlap is the nation's leading expert in flipping Bank Owned Foreclosure Properties (aka REO's) in today's market. Since 1993 Cam has mastered the craft of turning foreclosure properties into immediate paychecks and he'll teach you his simple step-by-step system so you too, can get in the business and grab your share of today's once-in-a-lifetime foreclosure opportunity. He's also the guy who will provide you with the funding you need to do the deals. Put Cam on your power team and you'll be a "player!"

Cam's been training good folks like you since 1995 and his style will rivet you to your seat. Then he'll send you home with real world understanding and tools to launch you into the highly lucrative Real Estate Investing business, immediately. Understand that what Cam teaches is NOT some "old wine in new bottles" strategies but rather, up to the minute, what's working right now in today's market, tools and techniques. There's a big difference. What worked in the past is just that... the past. You need to know what's working now! Cam's got the goods!

During Cam's training session, you will learn:

  • How to quickly flip foreclosure properties for fast cash WITHOUT, any of your own money or credit
  • How you won't ever fill out a loan application or need to qualify in any way
  • How you won't deal with contractors or handymen or do any repairs
  • THE step-by-step system that has completely revolutionized the art of flipping foreclosures in today's market
  • Why Pre-List properties are the way to beat the pants off your competition and how to have them at your finger tips
  • How to use "Bird Dogs" to make more money without doing more work
  • How to systemize your business so it churns out the cash, even if you're on vacation
  • How to quickly and easily sell houses, especially in this market
  • How to use Cam's "Fund-A-Flip" deal funding and never need any of your own money or credit to do your flip deals
  • How to use Cam's Proof of Funds so your offers are taken as seriously as could be. Cam personally backs all his Proof of Funds letters


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