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Damian Lanfranchi


Over the past decade, Damian Lanfranchi has personally equipped and inspired over a 1,000 individuals in the educational, sales and marketing fields with his innovative real estate investing technologies.

Damian began his real estate investing career inadvertantly when his grandfather passed away and left his father and brothers a two family house in Brooklyn, N.Y. HIs father and brothers were not business savvy and Damian decided to step up to the plate.

He knew the property was worth a good deal of money and he wanted to get top profit to help out his family. He consulted a real estate agent who said they may get the high $600,000 range, but Damian thought it was worth more. He decided to market the property himself and earned his family a selling price over $800,000. A huge profit over $100,000 more than the real estate agent had suggested the house was worth - he also saved a whopping $50,0000 in real estate agent commission.

After that, Damian was hooked on real estate. With over 10 years of business experience working in the corporate world he started to develop his entrepreneurial skills. He built innovative business building strategies using his marketing and sales experience to develop an essential proprietary technology for real estate investors.

Damian says that establishing yourself as a successful real estate investor takes time and hard work. He believes real estate investing is the most time-tested and proven wealth building technique. You can earn more investing and earn it faster than almost anywhere else.

Damian says that it is not a trick or gimmick, real estate investing is a business. If you do not treat real estate investing as a business and learn the critical business building strategies to earn profits over the long haul, you may fail as a business owner.

Perserverance is the key to a successful investing business according to Damian Lanfranchi. Wealth, the ultimate lifestyle and true success are always found just beyond the point where the average individual gives up. For the investor who has the mindset and perspective to take advantage of innovative business building strategies, Damian is confident he can transform your business and maybe even your life like he has done for hundreds of others.

Discussion Forum

It's great dL :) Congratulations!

Lou Cozzolino
This guy is changing the face of real estate marketing and the internet itself. Watch him over the next year become one of the top Guys with hands down the best system

Danny Engram
This guy is great! He or his team never baulk at the opportunity to help us with anything we need to be successful with our DFY system. Thanks guys!

This guy "opted me in" to his email list without my permission. Now I'm getting spammed!

Kam Clodfelter
I purchased his system for $2k and never got website/virtual office and the company has never returned my phone calls/ emails and THEY WONT REFUND MY MONEY!! THEY STEAL FROM THE INNOCENT!!! What Dogs!

Damian Lanfranchi
Hi Will, As everyone knows, there are lots of folks out there who send lots of emails. Not sure what makes you think you were added to our list without your permission. We keep opt-in records of all subscribers. We are also 100% can-spam compliant and include opt-out links in every single communication we send. If for some wacky crazy reason someone with your email address opted you in without your permission, please feel free to click one of these links at any time to unsubscribe and never hear from us again :) Best, dL

Damian Lanfranchi
Hi KIM, I think you may be confused (or perhaps not a real person?) I don't mean to seem sarcastic but I just checked our entire database for your first name, last name and your email address. There is not a single record of you ever doing business with us. If I am wrong, please respond here so I can address any issues. Otherwise I wish you the best. Starbuck LOVES You =) dL

Nancy Kirschbaum
I've met Damian and he's sincere in his efforts to help people succeed. He consistently provides free information to help motivate and move real estate investors forward, and has a great system DFYD.

E R Fred Unger
I've met Damian and his unique ability to train and teach through virtual training is incredible. His christian based principles are a key incredient to his success. He is constantly looking for ways and strategies to improve his systems and help move his students and clients forward with their real estate business. Most importantly, if one has an issue, it is quickly resolved and you can move forward knowing help and mentoring is always there for you.

Jim DeVore
I had the privilege of meeting Damian several months ago and I have enjoyed being the recipient of his constant giving. He has taught and continues to teach me information about business and marketing that it vital for today's market place. He is a man's man who walks with God and is passionate about his faith and operates his business on the principle of giving all that you have and it will come back to you. I am proud to say I am his student and his friend.

Babs Wagner AHS Latham NY
I am so grateful I joined the DFY team! I signed up over a year ago, and I can't say enough about the professional web presence we enjoy thanks to the great website we got from them, the unbelievably meaty educational videos, articles and calls we receive, and the outstanding customer service. I look forward to each and every training Damian does. I get so tired of "pitch" webinars, so when I watch Damian's trainings, I know I'm going to receive some valuable information. The marketing materials are great too!! Thanks Damian and the whole staff at DFYD!! Babs Wagner Area Homeowner Solutions

I would love to take advantage of your program offered, you see I was a carleton sheets student,for 16 years,living pretty much full time off of it,landlording and refurbishing properties (my wife and I doing all the work ourselves).until we crashed and burned in 2006. we started in 1990 when I was 23. I was a self starter,see. SO WHEN ALL YOU GUYS OUT HERE LIKE TO MAKE THE CLAIM THAT YOU NEED TO TAKE ACTION AND PAY THE 997.00 OR YOUR NOT SERIOUS....WE COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG ABOUT ME. I NEED A PAYMENT PLAN CAUSE I NO LONGER HAVE CREDIT CARDS OR MONEY I CAN USE UP FRONT. WE LIVE MONTH TO MONTH BARELY AND I TRULY CAN'T SWING 997 UP FRONT. let me know if you guys can do anything to help out with a payment plan. cause I don't doubt my ability. as long as this course does what it claims, then there would not be a problem on my end. if this thing did work as you say,I would not even care about getting the money back after my first deal. THINK IT OVER AND LET ME KNOW IF THERE IS ANYTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT MY DILEMMA. Thanks, Mike B.

Chris Berry
Damian, I am fairly new to investing and am anxious to get a website up and going IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS!!!. But I don't want JUST a website. I want an investment system and I certainly like what I've heard thus far about yours. Problem is, I can't seem to find any videos or websites that really show you the virtual office and what all it can do. I have many questions and want to know if there is a site which allows you to see website design options, the contact database, how to manage the auto responder, etc. Can you make offers from the system? Who sends out the videos? And several other questions. I tried to find a phone number to call. I created a ticket and requestetd a call back - haven't heard back from anyone yet. There's another system that I've considered after they were nice enought to spend 2 hours walking me thru the whole thing. Do you offer anything like that? The other system is considerable less expensive, but I'm more than willing to pay more to get the right system. Please tell me how I can learn more as soon as possible. Thanks. Chris B.

System appears o.k. Tech support is horrendous. They absolutely refused to correct the problems until forced There is no known way to contact Damian correctly; Lou Cozzolino works with Damian. I did get his phone number; he promised the world, and never followed up or returned the phone call. Invest at your own risk.

I want to see the website working. Can you send me a link to one already in operation? Thanks

Damian Lanfranchi
Just stopping in to post some replies guys. ANDRE You can check out a live site just come to one of our tours BRUCE Can you let me know exactly what issues you ran into with tech support? Your post does not include a date so I don't know when this is from. Support is critical. I agree. An awesome system without support is not awesome. So while I do not give out my personal number for obvious reasons, I am here to help. In the last 30 days we just added LIVE phone support from Monday to Friday where Done-For-You Deals Operators are waiting to assist. We also hold WEEKLY live classes just for members. Plus I do bonus trainings for all our investors. For free. No cost. Just part of over delivering. Fact is - what we do IS advanced. And it is NOT for everyone. Between live phone support, a 24-7 ticket support suite and live weekly classes - if that is not enough support the system may not be the best fit for you. Certainly though if I've missed something - let me know :) MIKE Contact and open a ticket. Tell them I sent you and I will give them your name. Tell them I said to let you know how to get started with little down. I'll see what I can do. Remember though - this is a business, and you need to have some cash available to run your biz :) CHRIS Unfortunately the site here does not post your contact info. So there's no way for me to get back to you. But you can get back to us. Come check out the live tour. Best to you all - dL ps - be sure to check out the new

I turned him into the BBB but he still wouldn't give me my money back. He did get me on his list again until I emailed and told them that I had turned him in. He was to afraid or busy to call me himself.

Lloyd Arlington
You are better off selling advertising on your taint. Good luck to all.

Harry Neutz

Mike C
I was thinking about ordering this course, but it's pretty expensive.Money is very tight right now for me.Also, I am thinking twice after reading some of these comments.

This guy opted me into his SPAM email program. He claims I opted in but I never did. I don't need to work so I have no reason to look at BS websites offering ways to make money, I have plenty.

Hey Mike - sorry you got some emails you didn't want. If we did make a mistake on EVERY email we send there is a link to "unsubscribe" right at the bottom. I really do look to send phenomenal content to investors to help change lives. Go to

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