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Howard Small


Howard Small is a real estate guru with extensive experience as an investor, teacher, author, and publisher. He established in 1998 to leverage his experience to help beginning and seasoned real estate investors make lots of money in foreclosures. His site is the online destination for people like you who want to learn the best and most effective way to make money by investing in foreclosure properties. Howard is committed to helping investors become foreclosure money-making machines. He developed the Real Deal System, based on his foreclosure investment experience to show how investors can make money over and over again. The system is a practical set of strategies and step-by-step techniques to help investors make huge profits by buying foreclosure properties for 30% o 50% below market value.

Howard's book "How to Make $10,000, $20,000 or More Every Time You Buy Real Estate Foreclosure Properties" is based on his system, and is a step-by-step guide to making tens of thousands of dollars on each and every foreclosure deal. The book was acclaimed by real estate experts and was wildly popular, especially among investors, realtors, attorneys, investment clubs, and students taking foreclosure classes. Howard's new and updated publications, including his eBooks, eBooklets, eFact Sheets, and eReports, are derived from the original book, and are available online at

Howard was inspired to become involved in real estate investing after he closed on his first home. He was introduced to a broker who showed him a book about real estate investing in 1983. Howard had heard about industrialists who made their fortunes in real estate, but never dreamed that the average person could do the same. After he read the book, he felt like a whole new world had opened for him. He was so fascinated about the variety of ways to make money in real estate that he began devouring every book he could find, and eventually started making deals. Howard's initial goals were to buy some properties with positive cash flows, and hold them for long term wealth buildup. He began by buying small apartment buildings using creative financing techniques that he learned from books and seminars.

He later learned about foreclosure investing from a seminar, and was even more fascinated because of the incredible potential for making quick cash from discounted properties. He started pursuing foreclosure deals and made over $20,000 net profit on his first deal. Since then, Howard has bought, rented, and sold foreclosures, including single family homes, townhouses, and condominiums. Howard has worked with several partners to help them achieve their foreclosure investment goals. He has conducted training programs for investor groups and has mentored individuals, through his Mentor Program, to jump-start their investment business. He has already developed additional materials to help foreclosure investors make lots of money. His eReports provide approximately eight pages of concise details on specific approaches to being a profitable investor. His eFact Sheets provide two-sided, full-color cheat sheets of information and techniques that you can use at-a-glance. In addition, Howard's one-of-a-kind Deal Analysis Service can help you analyze your deals to determine how much profit you can expect - before you invest your hard earned capital. It is designed to aid investors in getting past the analysis paralysis and onto the fast track to making money.

Howard is currently developing a unique eBooklet series that will show you how to make money at every stage of the Foreclosure Food ChainTM. Each of the 10 eBooklets focuses on a particular phase. For example, you can learn how to make money as a Bird-Dog by collecting fees for finding deals. It can also be very profitable to be an Assigner by getting deals under contract and assigning them to other investors for a fee. In addition, you can learn how to increase your profit even more by being a Rehabber. These are just three of the examples of focused strategies for making tons of cash from foreclosures.

Howard wants people to know that he takes his work seriously, and he strives to provide investors with the best quality foreclosure products and articles on his sites ( and He does his best to present a realistic picture for investors so they can better understand the techniques and the pitfalls. His aim is to offer the benefits of his personal real estate experience and to show investors how they could duplicate his success by following a repeatable, step-by-step investment system. Howard believes that people learn much more effectively when techniques are described in systematic, easy to follow steps. His Real Deal System enables investors to quickly understand and apply the techniques to make money.

Howard's best advice to any potential investor is to follow a systematic approach to executing foreclosure deals. He recommends that you begin or continue learning about foreclosures. He has a number of products to get you started. You should use an online source of properties, also available from Howard, since it is the most efficient way to find good deals in your area. Start contacting owners, foreclosure attorneys, or lenders (depending on which foreclosure phase you prefer). Then start negotiating deals. This straightforward approach actually works, and he knows from experience that it can work for anyone. His philosophy is simple - learn as much as you can, get a list of properties, start making contacts, and start doing deals. The bottom line is that if you can learn one tip or technique, or get one property that becomes a hot deal, then it is well worth your effort and expense to get started now.

So essentially, Howard offers you everything you need to start making money with foreclosures right now. Choose from the wealth of products and services, available at So get your information, get your properties, and get started on the road to major profits.


  • How to Make $10,000, $20,000 or More Every Time You Buy Real Estate Foreclosure Properties
  • Howard is also the author of the new edition e-book series
  • The Complete Guide to Preforeclosures
  • The Complete Guide to Foreclosure Auctions
  • The Complete Guide to Foreclosures
  • The Complete Guide to Preforeclosures and Foreclosures

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