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Joe Crump


Joe Crump has a purpose in the Real Estate market. He is teaching everyday people how to use the internet and technology to automate their real estate investing giving those who want to learn new ways to find properties by increasing their profits and reducing competition.

Mr. Crump graduated from college in 1981 with a degree in Film Production and labored in the movie industry for the next five years as a "Grip." He also wrote 12 feature length screenplays.

Joe admits that when he began investing in real estate he had no idea what he was doing. He began his real estate investments in 1986 in Los Angeles, California. His original intention and main purpose in real estate was to finance a movie. He fell in love with the benefits of real estate. When he grasped that he could make more money investing in houses than being employed in a corporate environment, he began to focus on real estate.

Joe's friends were earning more on their property than they were on their corporate paychecks. In addition, real estate values were skyrocketing in the late 1980's in Los Angeles and he decided to buy a property. The first house he bought was brand new construction and just one month later he found that the value rose 20%. Instantly, Joe sold the house with a price tag that earned him quite a bit of revenue. This was the turning point where Joe knew this was the business for him. Three years after he started investing he had purchased over $17 million worth of property. He thought perhaps if he bought a house below value there was the possibility of making more money, so he purchased HUD and VA foreclosures.

Mr. Crump learned that markets don't jump like that very often. When 1991 came along, the real estate market in Los Angeles plummeted 30%. This meant that for his $17,000,000 worth of property, the value went down to $11,900,000. The problem was that he owed more than the value, his equity and profits were gone in an instant. Joe lost his house and his cars. All of his construction equipment was taken back. So with his business bottomed out and his wife six months pregnant, he was forced to return to Indiana to stay with his family.

Joe wondered how to make it work, how to start over without money or credit to back him up. His solution was to develop the "Safety Net" method of real estate investing. It is a ground-breaking method found nowhere else.

Mr. Crump has helped hundreds of people buy and sell real estate. He has done a great number of sales himself with increasing profits and a reduction in competition. He uses direct marketing technology to find motivated buyers and sellers instead of going out, hitting the pavement and looking for them in conventional ways. Participating in his method decreases opposition and increases results.

Joe feels that the most important facet one needs to learn when it comes to real estate is to form a solid system for doing business. Your efforts will be useless unless you take action. He believes the only way to truly learn is to start investing first hand. His focus is centered on the benefit you can bring to the buyer and the seller who you will help. Someone who would not be able to make a sale without you. Joe believes that it is not just about the money, it is about helping others.

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Bob Underwood
Joe is a solid guy who tells you the truth. I first purchased his e-book which enabled me to sell my house in 4 days after it sat on the market for 6 weeks. Funny thing was, the price was the same! I went on to meet Joe personally and work with him on a few ventures. He has my highest recommendation especially for folks just getting started.

Rick Watkins
Joe Crump views everybody as a target. All of the "gurus" are just after our money - but its more obvious with Joe Crump than most.

mike norvell sr
I bought Joe's course in 2007, and learned a lot about doing the subject 2 and lease options ..this helped me feed my family during what was the beginning of the worst downturn in Central Fla Real Estate markets since the 1920s...I made over 20k in fees and assignments after buying, and using his courses.....for a taste of Joe, type in Joe Crump in You Tube and settle in for an hour of Video Clips with a pad and pen....then go make some money

mike norvell sr
One last clarifying comment....I also signed up for a year of monthly newsletters and CD updates....Joes material was that current, and included situations both good and bad that were being experienced by his students over the last month....he took a phone call from me one day when I took a chance and called, and gave me a very good opinion on a deal I had working....I took his advice and made the quick 2500 bucks on the assignment/lease option...this turned out in hindsight to be the VERY best option as the homes in that area have continued to drop another 35% since that time....thanks Joe

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