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Lance Young


Lance Young's expertise in real estate investing is grounded in more than 19 years of independent real estate deals and mentoring of novice investors. His first success came with buying and selling pre-foreclosure houses. Later, he made tremendous profits in the probate house market.

His initial goal was quite simple. Lance wanted just one profitable deal to be completed. He knew that if he could accomplish one contract that he could successfully accomplish many more, and he was right on the money.

Lance got started in real estate by finding a good teacher and sticking with the sound investing principles that were instructed. He drew a lot of inspiration from his teacher and carries it with him to this day. There are few things in business more gratifying than completing a good deal and knowing you helped people while doing it.

Lance has written down what he had learned in a one-of-a-kind, step-by-step program for beginners and seasoned investors that shows how to make money buying pre-foreclosure and probate houses. His investing techniques require just a $10 contract deposit and 10 hours a week finding the most profitable opportunities. Testimonials from his students show that with no experience, people have made first-time profits of $11,000, $31,000 and even $80,000 just by following his simple guidelines.

It's important for people to know that Lance cares about teaching them and genuinely wants them to become successful investors. He carefully wrote the courses for beginners so that they could accomplish the same kinds of deals that he continues to perform.

Lance Young has shared his simple, yet powerful investing methods with thousands of students while continuing as an active investor himself. His motto is: To teach others to become successful, you must keep your hand in and practice what you preach.

He believes that the best way to lay a solid foundation in real estate is to find your niche. He has always liked pre-foreclosures because you can start with very little money of your own and flip your first few deals. Then, once you have accumulated solid assets you will be able to maneuver the deals yourself in order to earn a larger profits.

Lance has always trusted two qualities of every successful real estate investor that anyone looking to get started must posses: patience and persistence. You must have sufficient patience to wait for your first profitable deal. Then, you must have the determination to continue finding good deals. Every successful investor implements these two qualities to facilitate their achievements.

Lance lends the tools and tricks to help you learn how to make huge profits with probate and foreclosure homes. There are three steps to his program, which uses a paint by numbers like program.


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we had bid on a home in London Ky., over asking price, when we went the morning after, the foreclosed property had been already, within an hour after posting the property, a bid accepted. We put down ernest money to make sure our bid would be considered. They told us one person was ahead of us and we had second chance after we raised questions to them. Now, we know what happened there, and the free lance agent also knows this, isn't there something wrong with the ethics here? Yes they do have our thousand dollar check, we were told we would recieve an answer by june 21. Now we are told, July 4th. The property was offered by remax, we went through a free agent. I guess my question is, can remax accept a bid, the first hour after posting a foreclosure? Thank you.

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