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Mel Feller


Mel got started in the business world at an early age. He was a small business person, mowing lawns in the summer and shoveling snow covered driveways in the winter. However, his real understanding of business began at age 16. It was his parents which caused him to recognize that "Multiple Secrets to Success" was the way to truly become successful. He started his business life by investing in real estate; he was taught that every person who had real wealth had real estate as a core wealth foundation. Real estate was involved whether that person lived in a home, had their own business or wanted a source of additional income.

At 18, he graduated from high school and took college courses needed in order to become a real estate agent and a business owner. After 19 months as a real estate agent he became a Multi-Million Dollar Sales Producer. He quickly learned that by using real estate as a business and by owning real-estate, he was quickly accomplishing his "Multiple Streams of Income" goals.

During his real estate business and investing career, he returned to college where he obtained a bachelors degree in political science, legal studies and accounting. He also holds 2 Master Degrees, one in Public Administration and a second in Human Resources. While becoming successful as a real estate investor he used his financial freedom and his love of politics to go to work for a United States Senator.

In addition to his real estate ventures he owns three other companies. Coaching for Success is an international coaching education and training corporation. He has worked with several thousand clients over the last 15 plus years. Mel Feller Financial Services Group is a corporation which provides stock, real estate, financial planning, mortgages and assets protection as well as internet information sales and auction strategies and programs. The mission statement is "Connecting People to Profits" using "Multiple Secrets to Success". Lastly, he owns Feller Land and Cattle. It is a Texas Corporation which is structured for the acquisition of both residential and commercial properties as well as the acquisition of agricultural land and cattle in Texas, Utah and Wyoming.

Mel has been coaching for over 15 plus years for National Educators in multiple business subjects and personal development areas. Mel has written 2 books on the topic of Real Estate, Creative Real-Estate Financing and Real Fortunes in Real Estate, as well as a book on Government Grants and Business Funding Sources. He has been conducting seminars in both the US and Canada for several years now. He has shared the stage with U.S. Presidents Regan, Bush and Clinton, U.S. Senators Jake Garn, Ted Kennedy, Robert Byrd, Orrin Hatch, John Glenn and Bob Dole. Hollywood stars such as Martin Sheen, Ben Johnson, John Agar, Royal Dano and Harry Cary Jr., and business greats such as Zig Ziglar, Robert Kiyosaki, Charles Givens, Tom Hopkins, Stephen Covey, Adam Ginsberg and Susie Orman. Mel also hosts his own radio show in Texas called "Multiple Secrets to Success" that focuses on both personal and professional tools in order to excel in life and business.


  • Ultimate Grant Guide
  • Real Fortunes in Real Estate Book and Manual
  • Proper Home Based Planning Internet Style
  • Top EBay Selling Secrets
  • Small Business Toolbox

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Ron Greif
Mel used to mentor me years ago when I went through a Ron LeGrand course. Was wondering if he would be willing to walk me through some deals I have?

Mel was my mentor for a couple months a few years ago. It was a bad experience and almost soured me on any type of coaching. When he refused to refund my money, I went to a most honorable man and he helped me get my money back, except for a small portion of it. I would not ever use his mentoring services again. I am happy to say that I am now with a great company, have a great coach and access to other great coaches as well.

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